Saturday, March 17, 2007

Plastic Paddies of the world be sure, to be sure... be fake.

Conas atá ?

Which is Gaelic, apparently, for "How are you?"

Yes my legion of amphibious admirers it is St Patrick's Day yet again so no doubt we will have a plethora (now there is a big word for 7a.m. on a Saturday morning) of humans pretending to be Irish. The female human here is 100% Irish, has the passport and the birth certificate to prove it and not only kissed the Blarney Stone but swallowed it. She is, therefore, in a good position to know a Gaelic pretender when she sees one which, when she has, she declares to be a 'plastic paddy'. Or, in the great Monty Python tradition (and lovingly adapted from the Dead Parrot sketch), plastic paddies are quack, phoney, dud and bereft of any shamrockyness. Add to that the 30% of Americans that will proudly say they are Irish when only about 5% of 'em qualify for an Irish passport and that is a lot trickery fakery.

I, as I sit here flapping my flippery bits over the keyboard and listening to groovy tunes on my i-pad (spot the play on words with i-pod here. Good, huh?!), am not so sure of my origins as it is hard to trace a froggy familial line when your mother spawns several thousand tadpoles at a time. However, I thank that maybe today and for one day only I can claim to be 'Irish'. This I can do for two reasons. The most obvious is that I am green. Anyone who as hopped into Ireland as I have several times will know that it ain't called the Emerald Isle for nought. Secondly, I have been sent a St Patrick's Day card with my picture on it. Here it is for your perusal and amusement...

A very good likeness, I think you will agree. It was made by a very good friend of the humans, Pennie. Cheers Missus! And here is a photograph of me actually in my natural habitat in Ireland checking for flies and any other tasty snack that may fly by.

Ahh, life does not get much better than that. Sunshine, running water and insects al-fresco. Perfect!

Tonight we are (if I can sneak into the female human's handbag) meeting with other genuine Irish people for a beer or seven. Guinness is GBP2.00 a pint tonight so I may get a little wobbly on the flippers later. I'll let you know...Until then frog-followers I am off for breakfast of the English kind. You know, eggy, bacon, sausage and stuff with a topping of lightly grilled blue-bottle. Yum!

Bain taithneamh as an deireadh seachtaine. (Enjoy the weekend).





morton loves everybody said...

Thanks for the kind words about my silly monkey blog.

Your Kermit pictures are funny. My favourite's the one where he's lounging on the beach.

Loretta said...

People should read this.