Sunday, February 04, 2007

According to the Doctors I should be dead by now...

...Fortunately it appears they have got it wrong. Yes, it was Feb 4th 2004 when the medico's kindly advised that in a worse-case scenario I had 10 months to live (cancel me Christmas pressie mother!) or at best (snigger, snigger) 3 years. Those that are quick of brain may have already calculated that my three years is up today. Those that dabble in financial jiggery-pokery may struggle with the maths (Translation for any Americans reading this:maths = math) so to explain: today, according to the docs and consultants, is my last day on earth prior to whichever ponderous purgatory devout atheists go to. Of course there is a smidgen of a chance they are right and that when I wake up tomorrow morning I won't, if you get my drift. How will I know? So tonight, being Sunday night, we shall nosh on fine, dead NZ lamb with various vegetables (no, not Tony Blair, proper vegetables) and potatoes with a nice dessert/pudding washed down with a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

And life gets better (just before my apparent demise...)

Latest leukaemia counts are...

Bone marrow (ie; out of the pelvis by drilling) : 0.083
Peripheral blood (ie; Out of the arm) : 0.641

For those that are confused let me elucidate...The amount of dodgy leukie cells in blood and marrow are still in decline and I am in danger of establishing what the experts call 'a trend'. This may well be the first and perhaps only time if I am shortly to depart this mortal coil that I can be considered to be 'trendy'. All bodes well that shortly I shall achieve 'molecular remission' which means leukie has been battered so hard that, although we know it is there, the best test available cannot locate it. Good, huh?

Oh, here is a gratuitous photograph of Kermit for his fans. He is browning his green bits on a sun-lounger in the Netherland Antilles (Just a 50 mile hop North of Venezuela)...

Yes. We know he is topless. And bottomless. He knows no shame, our frog.

So, now it will be eight weeks until the next armful of blood is extracted and the next results due. Fingers crossed!

Yours, still not dead. Yet.

Paul C, Sun-soaked Sheppey



Mtnphotoman said...
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Mtnphotoman said...

Hello Kermit, I'm really glad to hear that Paul's Lukie is running away screaming in defeat! As for the docs saying Paul should be pushing up the daisies by now, well…they really don't know smeg! Good luck keeping up with him now! Well, good luck and don't let those humans get too out of line! Keep your eye on the fly and your flippers in the pond.

Bearnard Behr
(and the silly human Gary too…)

the naked financier (and his lawyer) said...

Doctors what do they know. Do they not realise that once something has been preserved in enough alcohol nothing can touch it.

Good to see you eating our product (Kiwi Lamb). How do students afford such luxuries.

Love to the Frog(and Kermit).