Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Babes, 'bikes and the end of the Froggyverse...

Greetings froggy fans from around the globe and Colorado.

Sorry for the long silence which I attribute to the humans and the move to a new lilypad- something they have yet to do due to lawyers pulling out excuses to charge more money by making the whole process like 'War and Peace' but with the Russians replaced by Orwellian clones on 'phones. You know the sort..."Press one for customer services, two for a lobotomy"...etc. Furthermore Windows Vista is a pain in what passes for a frog's bum as it keeps on crashing and losing the male human all of his contact info. Technology - Don't ya just love it?
So, what has your favourite green slimy bundle been doing? Well, November meant the return of the NEC Motorcycle Show which meant another bevy of scantily-clad beauties wanting their photograph taken with me. This year I will only publish one because (a) she is quite cute for a human, (b) I look good and (c) she actually had a personality and was polite to me. Here she is...

Also at the same show the humans and I were fortunate to meet up with Gary the Crazy Human who drove the support truck on my hop down Route 66 last year, or should I say the year before as it is now 2008. At the time Gary was yet to be adopted by a bear by the name of Bearnard (pause for a groan at the name...) so I had not met him before but this year both had been let out of Americky and through our borders to sell more 'bike related trips. Here is Bearnard with me and then me in the leather jacket Bearnard and Gary kindly bought for me...Please note the complete set of Route 66 badges...

Bearnard has completed 66 several times and more of his adventures can be seen on the following links:
I feature a couple of times and so, (pause for echoy laughing cackle) the slow but sure take-over of the world by cute furry toys gathers pace. First the interweb, then Colorado, then Lilypad 101 followed by the world! We shall overthrow the tyranny of crazy Humans using us for, as the french say, 'object d'sex'. No more furry toy titillation for the nation!
Ohh. Errr. Sorry about that. Don't know what came over me...I guess I am just a little nervous after spotting this in a national newspaper...
"Disease threatens mass extinction of frogs...

An international campaign has been launched to help save the world’s amphibians from extinction.

Scientists fear the largest mass extinction since the disappearance of the dinosaurs because of a deadly disease which is sweeping through populations of frogs, toads, newts, salamanders and caecilians across the globe.

Amphibians are under threat.

Amphibians have thrived for hundreds of millions of years but as many as half of all species could perish unless a solution is found. The spread of the parasitic fungus amphibian chytrid, which has proved deadly for hundreds of amphibian species, may have been made worse by the effects of global warming. The disease has so far proved unstoppable in the wild and can kill 80 per cent of native amphibians within months once it has taken hold."
I hope this isn't my last blog...
Oh, both humans are doing well with the male one still not dead from the leukie stuff that is rattling around his bone-marrow.
Toodle-pip fans.


Frog the Dog said...

It can be hard being a celebrity sometimes - all the photos, the adoring fans, the world tours....
We couldnt resist a leap onto the pad when we saw your message, though to be honest, i cant stay long, 'cos with the amount of dinner I put away, there isnt a lilypad strong enough to take the weight :))
Have fun - frogtastic to meet you!!

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